The EJO Society has been granted reprinting rights to those titles originally published by Chambers and Muller, the copyrights of which are held by EJO’s niece, Elspeth Wendy Dunkerley.  Since 2012, when we started with The Girls of the Hamlet Club, we have been publishing two or three titles each year, and all are still in print.

Information will appear on this page as titles become available to order. Please don’t try to order books until information is posted.

Books in Print

The New Year 2020 brought a new pricing structure for our publications (more details in the Abbey Chronicle for January).

Our pricing structure reflects the need to allow for our tax situation regarding sales to non-members of the EJO Society.

The first prices shown here are for EJO Society members. Non-member prices are a little more, and shown in brackets.  This is because of our changed tax liability consequent upon the Society’s adopting a Constitution.

Abbey Series

The Girls of the Hamlet Club – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

The ‘real’ first title in the Abbey Series which tells how Cicely comes to form the Hamlet Club, why they took up Folk Dancing, and the reason behind the ‘Saints’ and the ‘Sinners’.

A Kindle version of this title is available from Amazon for £3.99.

Biddy’s Secret – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

The return of Ruth, how Maidlin grows up— and just what was Biddy’s secret? This title answers many questions, and shows the direction EJO’s writing might have taken, had her publishers not kept reminding her that she was meant to be writing for children!

A Kindle version of this title is available from Amazon for £3.99.

Rosamund’s Victory – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

Rena and Lisabel from A Go-Ahead Schoolgirl turn up at the Rose and Squirrel just as Rosamund has to take some difficult decisions – but these bring her back in touch with her ‘posh’ family and set her on a new path. …..

Maidlin to the Rescue – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

Maidlin has unknown cousins – who don’t want her interfering in their lives!  The Lake District scenery forms a lovingly-described backdrop to the story.

A Kindle version of this title is available from Amazon for £3.99.

Cover illustration copyright © the Estate of Rene Cloke/The Bridgeman Art Library

Joy’s New Adventure – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

The appearance of Gail – and more importantly to the series, of Ivor Quellyn. The background to Rosamund’s courtship; Jen’s latest baby; an enchanting French interlude. The twins wreak havoc and set their characters as ‘little horrors’ for all time. Although the bare events of this book are mentioned in Damaris Dances – a much more easily available titlehere is the full story.

A Kindle version of this title is available from Amazon for £3.99.

Cover illustration copyright © the Estate of Rene Cloke/The Bridgeman Art Library

The Second Generation

These titles originally published by Muller tell of the development of the younger generation of Abbey girls in much more detail than the Collins titles that appeared at much the same time.

An Abbey Champion – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

Here is the story, hinted at in Robins in the Abbey, of how Littlejan becomes Queen Marigold. This fills the gap between Two Joans and Robins, and explains all those things that everyone is assumed to know at the beginning of the latter.

A Kindle version of this title is available from Amazon for £3.99.

A Fiddler for the Abbey – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

Following on in the Abbey Series from Robins in the Abbey and the connector Margery Meets the Roses, this book is the second of the titles originally published by Muller that we are reprinting. It introduces Nanta to the Abbey crowd, and sees Jansy Raymond grow into Janice, the Lobelia Queen.

A Kindle version of this title is available from Amazon for £3.99.

Guardians of the Abbey – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

This is the book that tells of Damaris’s accident, how she and Rachel come to live in the Abbey, and of the inspiration and making of the Damaris Garden. It is partly concurrent with Fiddler and ends with Joy’s homecoming from America.

A Kindle version of this title is available from Amazon for £3.99.

Rachel in the Abbey – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

Rachel follows on directly from Guardians, starting on the same day as that book ends and following the events of that summer, and the following school year. 

Cover illustration copyright © the Estate of Mary D Neilson

Swiss, Sussex and Woody Dean Sets

The Sussex set titles tie in the with the Swiss Set so you will need to have read them before we can finish reprinting those! 

These three sets are closely interrelated. Characters from all three series also appear or are mentioned in the Camp Keema set and the main Abbey Series, especially Karen Wilson and Tazy Kingston in The Abbey Girls Go Back to School and An Abbey Champion.

The Junior Captain – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

The rivalry between two schools on the Sussex coast is complicated when Gard’s cousin comes to stay, and is sent to the ‘enemy’ school. Cousin Ven’s arrival changes the attitudes of girls in both schools, and at the end there are several surprising reasons for all rivalries to cease.

A Kindle version of this title is available from Amazon for £3.99.

The School Without a Name – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

Sequel to The Junior Captain, this tells of the setting-up of Miss Angel’s new school, and of a new Camp Fire.  It includes old friends such as Gard, and new characters; and shows how Beryl becomes a leader without realising it, and the school, thanks to her, finds a name for itself.

A Kindle version of this title is available from Amazon for £3.99.

Ven at Gregory’s – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

Sequel to The School Without a Name, this continues the story of Miss Angel’s school, with new girls of varying ages, and a request from the local community that Ven, and more surprisingly, Barbara, feel they cannot refuse.

The Two Form-Captains – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

The first in the Swiss Set, this title introduces Tazy Kingston – later Thistleton – whom you will also meet in Abbey Champion, and Karen Wilson, later Brown, who appears, with Tazy, in Abbey Girls Go Back to School.

A Kindle version of this title is available from Amazon for £3.99.

The Captain of the Fifth – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

This sequel to The Two Form-Captains is set in the same school, St Mary’s, a few years afterwards. Tazy and Karen are now Head Girls, and new girls Sally and Billy find they each have mysteries to solve and problems to resolve within their respective forms.

The Troubles of Tazy – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

This continues Tazy’s and Karen’s stories; and we meet Ven, Fran and Phillida again a few years after the end of Ven at Gregory’s.  Other characters appear, some new, some familiar, to round off the story.

A School Camp Fire – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

This is the precursor to the main Woody Dean Set, so should normally be read before it. It stands alone in many respects and can be seen as its own mini-series, being four books in one volume. It has only rather tenuous links with the Woody Dean Set in that its main characters attend Helen Robinson’s wedding in The School of Ups and Downs.

The School of Ups and Downs—£15.00 (plus P&P for non-members)

Includes some characters from A School Camp Fire but is the true first in the Woody Dean series. Set mainly in Sussex during the Great War, it tells how Libby and Tibby come to terms not only with a new home and a new school — but that they are very different in character from each other.

Patience Joan Outsider—£15.00 (plus P&P for non-members)

Sequel to The School of Ups and Downs, and set about a year later. Patience Joan comes to school with decided ideas, and several secrets which are revealed as the book progresses. Her ideas and prejudices are tested too, before the term is out. 

Kentisbury Connectors

The Secrets of Vairy – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

The Secrets of Vairy takes place in Scotland where Bill Kane and Roger Black go for a holiday at the home of Patricia ‘Patch’ Paterson.  These three characters were introduced in Patch and A Pawn, which we hope also to reprint before too long.


A Go-Ahead Schoolgirl £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

A Go-Ahead Schoolgirl introduces us to Rena and Lisabel, who appear in Jen of the Abbey School and Rosamund’s Victory. Lisabel also features in New Girls at Woodend. This is the first of the Rocklands set which connects back to the main Abbey series via Jen of the Abbey School.

Rachel & Damaris/Rainbows

Elsa Puts Things Right– £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

Despite its title, this book is really about Nancybell and her newfound family. Elsa herself is nonetheless crucial to the plot, and Nancybell’s future is assured. 

Pernel Wins – £15 (plus P&P for non-members) available February 2023

Pernel Wins connects very loosely with the Abbey Series, in that its main characters appear in Daring Doranne, itself connected at one remove from that series. It should be read in the ‘Rainbows’ set between Elsa Puts Things Right and Daring Doranne. 

Daring Doranne—£15.00 (plus P&P for non-members)

Doranne is called from her career-girl life in London to take care of an elderly aunt in Sussex. There is a mystery next door, but her aunt is as much a mystery to them! This title mentions characters from other books in the Rainbows’ series.

Not Part of a Series

Rosaly’s New School – £15 (plus P&P for non-members)

The idea of a ‘long-lost heir’ appearing to take the house and estate from the family was one to which EJO would return, in Schooldays at the Abbey. Here, the circumstances are different; Malvina really does inherit, quite legally, and comes ‘home’ to try and sort things out. Her reception is unexpected, and several misunderstandings need to be resolved, in particular with Rosaly’s elder sister Ruth, before things are settled. Set in the Yorkshire countryside, which is lovingly described, as you would expect from EJO.

A Kindle version of this title is available from Amazon for £3.99.


The Books of Elsie J Oxenham – £1.50 (plus P&P for non-members)*

A complete list of books and short stories, set out in recommended reading order in the various series.

Family Trees for EJO’s Abbey Series – £2 (plus P&P for non-members)*

Family trees for the main characters for the main characters in the series, with a note showing how ‘Abbey time” relates to real dates.

Who’s Who in the Abbey – £6 (plus P&P for non-members)*

An exhaustive list of characters in all the Abbey books and Abbey connectors, complied by Lorraine Toogood.

The Fine Companion – £2.50 (plus P&P for non-members)

Hilary Clare has edited DC Daking’s diary of ‘the Pixie’s’ caravan journey in the summer preceding the Great War.

The Abbey Compendium –£6.50 (plus P&P for non-members)
The Second Abbey Compendium – £7.50 (plus P&P for non-members)

The first volume includes all the articles, and much else, from the first nine issues of the Chronicle.  Plus a time line for the events of the Abbey Series.  The second volume contains Issues 10-18 of the Chronicle and an extra article.

Cleeve Abbey As I See It – £2.00 (plus P&P for non-members)

Cleeva Clapp’s personal view of the Abbey – from the 1930s – this was the ‘Abbey guardian’ that EJO knew.

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